Tips on Switching Energy Providers for a New House

Tips on Switching Energy Providers for a New House

Moving to a new house can be stressful. There’s a lot of organisation going on such arranging and packing all the stuff you’ll take with you, making sure that the removalists will come and pick everything up, etc. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss a small detail during the move! Here are some helpful tips on switching energy providers for a new house.

Part of moving to a new house is setting up your electricity and gas. Of course, you would want to have the power ready the moment you walk into your new house.

How to Switch Electricity and Gas for a New House

According to the Australian Energy Regulator website, it is advisable that you give at least three days of notice to your electricity and gas provider when you’re moving. This makes sure that the disconnection and reconnection process will go as smoothly as possible. The important thing is, you have to discuss your move with your current provider so that you already what you need to do.

Below are a few more tips on switching electricity and gas for a new house:

  • Be prepared to pay an early termination fee if your current contract is for a fixed term that cannot be transferred to your new address.
  • When changing retailers, make sure to provide at least two days of notice to ensure a hassle-free transaction.
  • If you are sharing a house with other occupants and the current account is under your name, make sure to advise your current retailer of your change in address. You also need to transfer the current account to one of the other occupants in the house so that they can take over the responsibility of the account once you’re out of your old house.
  • Always remember that if you don’t cancel the contract, you will still be charged the energy consumed in the old address that you moved out from.
  • Did you pay a security deposit when you first moved in? Make sure that you get a refund once you’ve moved out and cancelled your contract.


When it comes to choosing your electricity and gas provider for your new address, take note of these items:

  • Consult with your current energy retailer if it’s possible to get a better deal with them.
  • Ask about their available billing options and different payment options. This way, you can decide which method will ideally suit you.
  • If possible, keep your old bills at hand so that you can compare the amount of energy you’ve consumed in the past and how much you’re paying for it. This is a good benchmark in choosing an electricity and gas provider for your new house.
  • Remember that you have 10 working days to change your mind in case you’re not happy with your new contract. You can actually cancel without getting charged so long as you are not on a fixed term contract.

Moving to a new address is considered as a milestone in anyone’s life. When it comes to energy providers for your new house, take the extra effort to research and compare so you can get the best deal possible.