Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how Makes Cents Media Pty Ltd ABN 13 630 717 243 ('Makes Cents Media) deals with privacy issues relating to personal information which is provided by a person or entity ('User') who uses the Makes Cents Media website ('Makes Cents Media Platform').
Please email Makes Cents Media at ([email protected]) if you have any queries about your Personal Information, how we deal with your Personal Information or would like to amend or otherwise delete your Personal Information.
We are bound by the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (subject to exemptions that apply to us under that Act). 
We may, from time to time, review and update this policy, including taking account of new or amended laws, new technology and/or changes to our operations. All personal information held by us will be governed by the most recently updated policy. Your privacy matters to us, so whether you are new to Makes Cents Media Pty Ltd or are a long-time user, please take the time to get to know our practices.

This Privacy Policy will describe:

  • How Makes Cents Media will collect and handle a User’s personal information;
  • The kinds of personal information that Makes Cents Media will collect and store;
  • The purpose for which Makes Cents Media collect personal information;
  • How the User can contact the data controller;
  • The use of cookies and third-party access on the Makes Cents Media Platform.

The User’s Agreement to this Privacy Policy

By using the Makes Cents Media Platform a User consents to the privacy practices as disclosed in this Privacy Policy noting that personal information about the User may be collected by Makes Cents Media or its Associates and relevant third-parties in accordance with this Privacy Policy:

  • To contact the User in response to a query or feedback from the User or due to the information provided by the User;
  • To enable Makes Cents Media or an Associate to provide the User with information;
  • To provide to Makes Cents Media Associates and relevant third-parties to facilitate a booking and/or purchase;
  • For marketing or promotional purposes;
  • To provide the User with quotes in relation to goods or services;
  • To verify a User’s identity.
  • For any other purpose at Makes Cents Media’s sole discretion;

Personal Information

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy personal information includes the information that the User submits to Makes Cents Media when the User enquires about or seeks a comparison or quote for a product or service, visits the Makes Cents Media Platform or contacts Makes Cents Media by telephone, via mail, email or online, which includes but is not limited to the following information:

  • The User’s full name;
  • The User’s payment details including banking or credit card information;
  • The User’s telephone numbers and email address;
  • The User’s home address;
  • Information which the User enters into the Makes Cents Media Platform including but not limited to photographs, images or written content.

Collecting the User’s Personal Information

Makes Cents Media will not collect personal information about a User without that User's consent and will only collect that personal information which a User voluntarily provides to Makes Cents Media.

Makes Cents Media may also collect personal information about a User from another business that you have authorised to deal with us on your behalf, from other companies that provide comparison services or other third parties.

Protecting the User’s Personal Information

Makes Cents Media will take all reasonable steps to protect the User's personal information from loss, misuse, and unauthorised access.

Makes Cents Media will also destroy or de-identify any personal information which belongs to a User if that User requests that Makes Cents Media do so.

Use of Personal Information

Makes Cents Media will use the User's personal information for the primary purpose of providing the User with the service or offers in relation to the service. To provide the service to the User, Makes Cents Media on-sell the User's personal information to relevant third party businesses to obtain a quote for the User.

We may send you direct marketing communications and information about products and services that we consider may be of interest to you. These communications may be sent in various forms, including mail, SMS or email, in accordance with applicable marketing laws, such as the Spam Act 2004 (Cth). If you indicate a preference for a method of communication, we will endeavour to use that method whenever practical to do so. 
In addition, at any time, you may opt-out of receiving marketing communications from us by contacting us (details below) or by using the opt-out facilities provided (e.g. an unsubscribe link), or by contacting us using the details below. We will then ensure that your name is removed from our mailing list. We do not provide your personal information to other organisations for the purposes of direct marketing unless expressly authorised by you.

Makes Cents Media will receive remuneration for the sale of Users personal information and data to relevant third party businesses or participating suppliers.

Other purposes for which the User’s personal information may be used include, but are not limited to:

  • Enhancing the security of both Makes Cents Media and the User;
  • Providing Makes Cents Media business partners or participating suppliers with the Users personal information so that they may provide the User with information about their products and services;
  • Processing payments;
  • Contacting the User in respect of any queries or complaints;
  • For internal business management including accounting;
  • To advise the User of new product offering or promotions by mail, phone, SMS, MMS or email;
  • To advise the User about changes to the Makes Cents Media Platform’s terms and conditions;
  • For legal proceedings if a dispute or claim arises as a result of the User’s use of the Makes Cents Media Platform;

User's personal information may be used by Makes Cents Media and the Makes Cents Media Platform to make automated decisions.

These rights to use your data extend to Makes Cents Media for an indefinite period of time. Ownership and distribution of your personal information to 3rd parties will be at the discretion of Makes Cents Media until you unsubscribe or opt-out.

The User's personal information is hosted by on servers located in Australia.

The Data Controller is Makes Cents Media. The Data Controller can be contacted via email at [email protected]

Use of personal information for research purposes

Makes Cents Media may use a User's de-identified personal information for research and development purposes without obtaining a User's consent.

Individuals Right of Access

The User's personal information is collected in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and is held for seven (7) years.

A User can request to delete or amend any personal information stored by Makes Cents Media or its Associates, and/or request a Subject Access Request ("SAR") by contacting Makes Cents Media via email at [email protected]

Makes Cents Media will take all reasonable steps to allow a User to access the User's personal information unless such access would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of other individuals and other Users.

Makes Cents Media reserves the right to amend and update this Privacy Policy at any time.
A User can contact Makes Cents Media at any time on ([email protected]) to opt out of direct marketing with the subject line as Unsubscribe.

If entrants do not consent to their details being used for future marketing purposes, the entrant should contact the Makes Cents Media by email or post on the contact details on their website. Any request to update, modify or delete the entrant's details should be directed to Makes Cents Media via email at [email protected]

Third-party Sites

Makes Cents Media on-sell the Users personal information to relevant third-party businesses. Makes Cents Media is not responsible for the privacy practices and policies for websites and applications not owned or managed by Makes Cents Media. It is the Users responsibility to be familiar with and understand the privacy policies of other third-party sites.

Cookies and Usage Tracking

Makes Cents Media and any Associate or relevant third party may use small text files called “cookies”:

  • To enable more efficient browsing of the Makes Cents Media Platform;
  • To keep the User logged in to the website as they move from page to page;
  • For statistical purposes, such as to determine which pages visitors view most often, and to provide a better browsing experience.

Cookies are stored on the Users computer until they are deleted. User browser settings may be adjusted to refuse cookies from the website. However, please note that this may affect your ability to use the MAKES CENTS MEDIA Platform.


If you believe your privacy has been breached by us, have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy please, contact us using the contact information below and provide details of the incident so that we can investigate it. 
We have a formal procedure for investigating and dealing with privacy breaches. Once the Privacy Officer receives a complaint, whether it is in writing or verbal means, the Privacy Officer will commence an investigation with the relevant business unit from which the alleged breach stemmed. The investigator will endeavour to determine the nature of the breach and how it occurred. We may contact you during the process to seek any further clarification if necessary.

If a breach is found, the Privacy Officer will escalate the matter to management so that the process can be rectified to prevent any further breaches from taking place. We will also contact you to inform you of the outcome of the investigation. We will endeavour to resolve all investigations within a reasonable time. 

We will treat your requests or complaints confidentially. Our representative will contact you within a reasonable time after receipt of your complaint to discuss your concerns and outline options regarding how they may be resolved. We will aim to ensure that your complaint is resolved in a timely and appropriate manner.

Please contact our Privacy Officer in writing at: 

Privacy Officer: Makes Cents Media Pty Ltd

Email: [email protected]
Postal Address: Po Box 5016 Mermaid Waters, QLD, 4218


Updated 04/03/2019